Aristotle is Logan High School's internet/laptop monitoring program. The school staff claims that the program monitors all use of laptops, by sending alerts to said staff whenever a student types in a cuss word or even views a cuss word (or any word that leads them to believe the internet policy is being violated) on their screen. The staff claim that they have had to call students into the office because Aristotle sent them an alert that the word "porn" appeared on the students screen.

However, many students question whether or not this is true as students have claimed to have seen/done much worse things on their laptop and not gotten called into the office at all (examples will not be provided as no one is still quite sure whether this is true or not).

Assuming that the school is bluffing about the circumstances in which they call students into the office, use of words like "fuck," "shit," "bitch," and so on will not lead to any persons being apprehended by school staff (which many of the LHS Wiki contributors will appreciate).