The elusive Bighand is cryptid that has been repeatedly spotted in Logan High. Although there are many skeptics, I personally am a firm believer that Bighand roams the Logan halls.

Sightings Edit

Very few people have laid eyes on Bighand himself, but there have been abnormally large hand and thumb prints left around the school. Although skeptics say that these supposed hand prints could be anything, they fail to give any believable alternative. The table in these pictures is also especially wobbly, suggesting that Bighand has violent tendencies, and a slap possessing superhuman strength.

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Description Edit

The few people who have seen Bighand have described him as being a hairy humanoid with large palms and fingers. However, although the his fingers are much larger compared to that of a normal human, his fingers are quite small in proportion to his palms.

Witness Testimony Edit

IMG 0188

"I have had many encounter with this large fingered fella. He's actually pretty chill. Me and him go back behind the school to smoke weed and watch anime on his phone, which he positively cannot hold on account of his GARGANTUAN hands." ― Logan Student #46395392542069
"He hand to big for he gotdam body." ― D'Angelo Criscone
"Someone should make a page on the Logan Wiki about it." ― Me

Possible Explanation Edit

Skeptics say that Bighand is actually just a hairy member of Logan's nudist population with particularly large metacarpi, but many just chalk it up to mass hysteria. Another explanation is that this is the missing link between our SUPER big handed ancestors and the regular handed people of the present.