If you are one of the unfortunate souls who take the bus it's best you find out now that you are never going home. The bus system is designed in such a way so that getting you to Logan is no problem, but leaving is a hectic game of chance. You will receive zero notice of whether or not your bus is coming or not, or even worse, whether it has already left without you on it. It's sort of like gambling, if in gambling you stand outside in the cold and get sick when you lose, and get nothing when you win. Calling your parents to pick you up won't do you any good either considering outsiders are not permitted on Logan grounds. You might as well cut your losses, set up a tent, and declare Logan High School your new home–like many Logan students already have.

But I hear you asking "what if I have stuff I need to do? Like a job, what do I do then?" And the short answer is fuck you. You have only yourself to blame. You were the one who chose to have a life outside of Logan High School, which we all know is against school policy. However, Brother Gnewikow, in his infinite mercy has granted us exactly one cell phone call to call our loved ones and tell them goodbye forever. The bus company has issued the following statement

"I don't know what to tell you. Sometimes busses are late, but thats just how things are in this crazy, wack-ass universe we live in... You ever think about time? Like how it just keeps going and going without seeming to stop? Like even if this universe was empty and everything succumbed to heat death and died, time would keep going until the end of... well... time. When you really think about it, it's time's fault you're late for work. If time didn't exist then you couldn't be late for work because you would already be at work. Or you would never get to work, I'm not really sure how this whole time thing really works... But anyways we apologize for the inconvenience or whatever. Not that you have any other options anyway." ― Spokesperson For GO Riteway Transportation
P. S.

still thank the bus driver tho