So the career expo was pretty dope, but at the same time it was kinda cringe. Here's why. Edit

Why it was dope Edit

  • No SCHOOL!!!!!
  • Bunch of cool cats staying fly??/ *insert sunglasses emoji*
  • We was out here

Cringe Edit

So this bitch ass sign said "Counseling and mental health," i asked two people where mental health and counseling was, they both pointed to the same place. I ended up at this dumb bitch's kiosk ass stand and she said "yeah this is mental health and counseling, but for the first half of this head ass shit i'm gonna talk about musical therapy."

And like, first off, that's bullshit, but I could live with that right? No though, this dumb cunt shit went the whole 25 minutes talking about musical therapy, some pseudoscience ass shit about remember music or whatever. The entire time we were all waiting for this bitch to actually talk about counseling and mental health, but she just kept talking about music therapy. The entire time it felt like she was shoving a metaphorical trombone up my brain's asshole. It was agonizing and I feel entitled to financial compensation.

Finally when it was done, and we had all accepted that she would never talk about actual therapy, this wench, this absolute hag, had the audacity to ask "does anyone have any questions on music therapy" we all kept our mouths shut, hoping against hope that she would realize that she wasted everyone's time talking about music therapy, and give us a summary of the counseling speech that we were PROMISED, but she gave no such summary. She fucking KNEW she was only going to talk about music therapy, she fucking KNEW she was lying and misleading us. The announcement came on telling us all to go home and I left, feeling robbed and tricked.