Competitive clapping is the biggest sport in Logan High school. It is not uncommon to see students frantically clapping against each other in the halls. This sport is so big in Logan, we believe it deserves its own page.

History Edit

The origins of competitive clapping date back to the 2018 homecoming assembly. After an amazing skit from the junior class, two students began clapping. They both refused to stop clapping, unwilling to admit that the other had more school spirit. This clapping contest was met with many cheers of encouragement from the other students. They went on clapping for an hour and ten minutes (which is considered rookie time by today's standards)

The unlikely victor was one Bennett Ryan. Ryan was much weaker than his opponent and won by pure power of will. At the time it was very controversial for Ryan to compete. During this time ginger discrimination was at its peak. Three separate people tried to physically stop Bennett from winning, but he pressed on. Even though Ryan won, he did not accept his reward (his opponents soul) citing that because he was ginger he had no need for one.

Ryan's victory was short lived, however. During the second ever competitive clapping contest he was defeated. Many fans of competitive clapping believe that there was cheating involved in his defeat and the referee should not have disqualified him.

Although the famous Bennet Ryan may have another chance at the third competition. This competition is specifically for a 3 hour long applause to break the world record.

Rules Edit

  1. Any number of people can compete as long as there are more than two.
  2. All competitors must keep a steady tempo, with the exception of a "Final Clap Showdown"
  3. In the event of a Final Clap Showdown clappers must clap as hard as they can for as long as they can.
  4. If any of the clappers say "let's give a round of applause for _______!" all other clappers must increase their clapping speed and intensity.
  5. All losers lose ownership of their souls and must serve under the victor in hell for all eternity.
  6. The winner receives (in addition to eternal servants) a sticker that says "you rock!"

Clapping in Logan High Edit

Competitive clapping is universally beloved in Logan. The Clapping Champions are some of the most respected people in the school, just below the Vape Club High Officers. People who heckle the competitive clappers are shunned and, in many cases, beaten to death.