Little do you know, but there are many famous people on earth that are Logan Alumni!

If you find yourself in times of trouble, always remember that you can come back to this page and find comfort in the fact that Legends Never Die... Just like this wiki.

Wally Gnewikow Edit

The perfect image of a human being to ever exist. At this point evolution can only grow downwards. I'm pretty sure he is the son of god.

"Look, he [Brother Gnewikow] is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him; and all the peoples of the earth will mourn because of him. So shall it be! Amen." Revelations 1:7-8

Kanye West Edit

Thats right, he's a Logan Alumni! I think we can attribute his interest in music with Mr. Lakmann, who taught Mr. West how to play the clarinet. The Logan Family is happy to see him expressing his musical talent today.

Aaron Rodgers Edit

A-A-Ron used to be a quarterback for the Rangers. He lead us to state (which we make it to every year), and even made Logan a nationally ranked team.

Hillary Clinton Edit

Even before Crooked Hillary (aka Lyin' Hillary [aka Nasty Woman]) got her start in politics, she was once our school president. Unfortunately for her that was the last election she would win! There's always 2020 Hillary.

Bill Cosby Edit

Amazing comedian. Even better sexual predator. He will always be in the hearts (and unconscious minds) of Logan Students.

Adolf Hitler Edit

Sorry Hitler. As much as I love you for being a Logan grad... there are still some negative things that make me hate you. And I mean 6 million negative things. Your art was good though. At least there's that.

The Man Who Killed Hitler Edit

Hitler sucked! Nice job!

Gilgamesh Edit

An active leader in the Logan community, Gilgamesh was a founder of many of the schools most notable clubs. These include, but are not limited to, Anime Club, Intermural Underwater Basket Weaving Club, and Creative Writing Club. He has gone on to become an entrepreneur and business tycoon, and we are all very thankful for what he has done for the community.

Dan Breeden Edit

That's right, WXOW chief meteorologist is a Logan Alumnus. He was a member of the Ecology, Astronomy, and SEA clubs, as well as an avid member of the tennis team. He is a long-standing member of The Fake Mafia by the username OneSadPlatypus, and you can find him on twitter @Breeden4aReason.