It's October, meaning halloween is just around the corner. We have a lot of fun activities planned. As we know, halloween is the one day a year where the veil the spirit and physical world is thin enough that weaker spirits and demons can cross over with the proper assistance. The board game club will be holding their annual seance, when they will bring back all the deceased students of Logan High. Feel free to say "hi" or strike up a friendly conversation with any of the spirits you pass by. Although many of these ghost did die in The Incident, we would like to offer a friendly reminder: WE DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE INCIDENT. No student alive or dead is allowed to talk about The Incident in any way. Another event to look forward to is the costume contest. Brother Gnewikow recommends dressing up as your friends and family because according to Brother Gnewikow "There is no greater monster than those closest to us" couldn't have said it any better myself! Your wisdom is truly never ending and will surely guide us towards salvation!

Further info: the singing of the song "This Is Halloween" from The Nightmare Before Christmas is still banned, for obvious reasons.