A Little Caesar bobblehead

The Trend Edit

Little Caesars are a new trend popping up in the midwest. For some reason, these little bobbleheads featuring the likeness of Julius Caesar are becoming wildly popular. It is not uncommon to hear someone on the streets ask "hey, you wanna go get Little Caesars?" to their companion. The exact origins are unknown, but it seems that a spike in their popularity occurred following a totally lit toga party hosted by one of the Humanities students.

In Pop Culture Edit

Little Caesars have become enough of a trend to warrant pop culture attention, and have been popping up all over mainstream America.

  • Caesar, a play written by some famous guy about the life of a bobblehead
  • Little Caesar's, the bobblehead-inspired pizza chain
  • King Julian, a character from the movie Madagascar (2005) and

named after the bobblehead