Letter to Administrators in Event of First Contact Edit

To Gnewikow, Forde, DePaolo, Duffrin, or whomever finds this first,

I am sorry. Admittedly, not all that sorry. Not sorry enough to not make this wiki. But I am sorry. Sorry that you have to see this. Sorry that we went from a small satirical corner of the internet to whatever problem you may construe this to be. Sorry to think that you probably won't find it all that funny. And most of all, sorry that your reading of this very sentence likely means the redeath of this Wiki. You see, this Wiki was never meant for your eyes, but now that it has reached them, you will likely jump to conclusions. "They defamed our school!" "They made fun of my lack of hair!" "They were open and frank in their opinions!" All of these are conclusions you will likely draw (aside from the hair one if you're Mr. Carlson) as you browse the regrettably vast depths of our Wiki. And it would be understandable for you to do so.

However, I hope that that will not be all. I hope, even as you find some of the darker pages, that you will take it all with a grain of salt. Before you put your nickel down and brand our Wiki a disgrace to our school, I'd like you to consider the benign context of this Wiki. It was made by a group of students who love this school. The teachers, the classes, the spirit this school contains, all of it. Sure, we may occasionally poke fun at the parts we find displeasurable, but on the whole we love this school and all it stands for. This Wiki has been an outlet for much of our satirical energy, so it may at times seem to express a hatred, disrespect, or similar sentiment towards the school. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Any such article that pops up we try our best to censor. No, this Wiki we have so long embraced is a reflection of the youthful wackiness students so often need to express. It makes us laugh, gives us an excuse to let fly our humor and angst, and above all, reflects the exuberant and jovial spirit that the youth of Logan High possess.

So as you read, go ahead and draw your conclusions. As you read, there is nothing stopping you from rounding up students and putting them through the administrative meat grinder. As you read, be upset with the somewhat over-the-top articles as you undoubtably will. But as you read, please remember that we, the contributors of the Logan Wiki, were only looking to laugh and be merry, and mean no harm to you or anyone else.

Read on, friend, and enjoy.

Mission Statement Edit

Welcome to the fuckin LHS wiki. This website is made up of a series of articles that pertain to the happenings at Logan High School in La Crosse WI. We invite any newcomers to feel free to explore the wondrous pages in this Wiki, and for those who are even more adventurous, you can edit the hell out of this.

If you look at the top of this page, you can find quick links to Popular Pages, our critically acclaimed Ranger News, as well as the History of the Wiki. You can also just start your adventure by hitting the "Random Page" button found in the Explore column.

We even encourage you to contribute to this community by creating a page yourself, leaving a long-lasting impression that you can one day show your grandchildren.


-The Logan High School Wiki Team

Q and A Edit

Q: So I can literally just make a page and write whatever I want on here? A: Yes!

Q: Why did you guys choose to make this website in the first place? A: It is a way of filling the void inside of us that is made up of all of our darkest fears and anxieties, our soul trying to cry out for help, feeling like we are in a place that we belong but silently embracing the knowledge that we won't amount to anything on this planet.

Q: Wait. Why haven't you guys gotten in trouble for making this wiki? A: Honestly we have no fucking clue. I figured that by now I would either be in detention or publicly executed.

This Wiki is UnDead Edit

This used to be a dead wiki. You can help by expanding it.

Logan Fucking High SchoolEdit

Logan is some shithole high school in La Crosse, Wisconsin. It is brick. It also has carpet. But not everywhere. Just some places. But yes. Carpet. And brick. Yup, brick and carpet. In some places.

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I am pleased to announce, from the creators of the Logan High School Wiki, the all new Logan High School Subreddit! Feel free to edit the hell out of it right here

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I am pleased to announce, from the creators of the Logan High School Subreddit. the all new Logan High School Twitter! Check this shit out right here

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Thats right! Other people are doing this too!!

Go check out our buddies at Mountain Home High School in Idaho

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Unfortunately, Cool Math Games has been blocked by some who would let our youth's minds rot. Support the effort to get it unblocked here. We're almost half way there! We’re so close!

Also, we have launched an effort to increase Choco Taco ratings on the Klondike website. You're encouraged to share reviews on the Choco Taco page.

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Attractive Hair Committee

Idiotic Idioms

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The Expired Pages are an archive of all past pages. Wonder where your old page went? It's probably here. It gets too messy here on the main page, so go here to look at pages from months past. There is also a button for easy access at the top of this page.


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Since most of our pages have no category, this is a good way to see pretty much all the pages.


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Want a page, but don't currently have the creative juices, want to come back later, or are lazy? Go here to either request a page or look for page ideas.

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The views and opinions expressed by this website (to be herein referred to as The Wiki) in regards to any and all topics do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions held by the contributors of The Wiki. You agree by using, contributing to, or editing The Wiki that any opinions or ideas you express on The Wiki are for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as fact or malicious opinion. By reading and observing The Wiki, you agree to release from responsibility and consequences, legal or otherwise, any and all persons involved in the creation, maintenance, or any other role in The Wiki or resulting occurrences including but not limited to: disruption of class time, personal offense, psychological damage, physical harm to person or property, or loss of reputation. You have been warned and alerted, and release all grounds for punishment of users by the School District of La Crosse, it's affiliates, or any legal entity. The First Amendment protects satire as a form of free speech and expression, and this is a work of fiction with that intention. Names, characters, places and incidents are purely coincidental, except for references to school district personalities and/or public figures. In those cases, such stories are based on real people, but the story, or stories, surrounding or about these people or figures are almost entirely fiction and are intended as satire and entertainment. The purpose of said stories is to entertain and amuse rather than to disparage any persons or institutions in any way, and no malice is intended toward anyone or anything. Nor should any factual or serious notions be construed from the satirical and farcical stories and/or fake news items. This web site is not a source of facts or real information. The Logan High School Wiki is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


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