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1/22: Purge Edit

As this Wiki becomes more relevant, it is apparent that although funny, there are some specific articles on this site that are bad, and I mean baaaad. Even though editors made a disclaimer statement, it is still very risky to publish as this is a third party site. As of January 22nd 2019 all compromising pages, sentences and words have been deleted.

1/22: Notice Of How Easy It Is To Disable Aristotle Edit

Ok, so maybe this wiki makes you nervous of authority, with their all-powerful techies and their Aristotle programs. That's reasonable. Luckily for you, the Wiki Staff have devised an ingenious way to evade the harsh rule of the higher-ups. All you have to do is go to settings->accessibility->privacy and turn it off. It's that easy! Anyways, have yourself a fucking good time without the constant gaze of Aristotle over your shoulder.

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1/15: Notice to Editors Edit

Alright, so one of the best things about this wiki is how we don't have to bow down to politically correctness and school authorities. This wiki is about Logan, by Logan, for Logan. I get that. But let's be careful about going too over the top, because it might come and bite us in the butt later. Or at least cover your tracks so you don't get caught.

In summary: 1) Keep dropping cuss words if it's necessary to advance the humour. 2) Keep up the good work. 3) Either try not to say really horrible things or cover your tracks.


1/15: New Opinion Page Edit

A new page titled "Opinion" has been created. Please feel free to voice your opinion about any topic that you are brave enough to tackle.


1/14: Notice of Effort to Raise Choco Taco Rating Edit

You are all invited to write a review and/or help raise the average rating of choco tacos on the Klondike website. Let's make Daddy Gnewikow proud.


11/idk-----1/14 update Edit

If you don't know already, you're dumb. This wiki is dead.

1/14 update: maybe not we'll see


10/17 Edit

Vandal On Loose Edit

As reported by Ranger News, we have a vandal on the loose here on the Logan Wiki. Anyone with information on the identity or whereabouts of the criminal person calling him/herself AWAKEN SHEEPLE should contact the authorities immediately. Our Private Eye is on the case, please help him in any way possible.

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