Ok. Quit it with the bullshit. I was hired to get to the bottom line of this funny business. Ok? So quit it with the damn funny business. I am gonna find the motherfucker that is messing around with this wiki. DO YOU THINK THAT THIS WIKI IS A JOKE? Shut the hell up if you think for a second that this wiki is all fun and games. It is NOT. It is a serious website that records valuable information pertaining with Logan High School.

Case #1 Edit

Wednesday October 17th Edit

Some vandal harboring the username of "AWAKEN SHEEPLE" edited the Ranger News page at 13:49, October 16th 2018. The article written by this miscreant included information which expressed negative sentiment toward our fearless principal, Wally Gnewikow (a crime deemed punishable with public execution). After further investigation, this user joined this Wiki on October 16th, having only edited the previously mention Ranger News. I am currently researching more data, and waiting for the delinquent to strike again.