Overview Edit

Ranger language is the official language of Logan High School, aka Airstrip Logan. All other languages are prohibited, as Ranger Language creates a welcoming and unified culture within the school. Upon entry to the premises, you will be asked to surrender all knowledge of languages aside from Ranger Language, and may pick it up upon your exit.

Origin Edit

Ranger Language evolved as a culmination of indo-european, bohemian, and mandarin chinese roots. How these languages mixed is an interesting story involving beer, ostriches, and a severe mishandling of weapons-grade plutonium, but unfortunately the records of this event were devoured in the tumultuous termite invasion and subsequent Glorious Revolution of 1984. It is known for certain, however, that this pinnacle in the evolution of language was brought about by the great Brother Gnewiko. Regardless of the more fine details, Ranger Language remains the official language of Airstrip Logan.

A Quick Guide Edit

Words such as "fucking" are strictly prohibited. Instead, use "ƒüKçîñq," shouted at the top of one's lungs.

Yelling "Bitch-ass cunt muffin!" across the room is considered a sign of peace and friendship.

No words exist to criticize Brother Gnewiko, since no logical person would ever want to.