There is a spirit loose in the school. If you see it, please report it to the office, they will notify the local ghostbusters. The spirit appears to be the ghost of a former student whose cause of death is UNKNOWN and should NOT be looked into further. All that is known about this mysterious apparition is that he was a total asshole during his life, and remains so in death. He uses his supernatural powers to steal pencils, possess people to stand in the halls and make Logan High School cold as tits. From time to time, usually on Thursday, he will float through the halls recounting the events of The Incident. This is the only time when we do not acknowledge his presence. If you are able, cover your ears and say "lalalalalala! You're not real! I can't hear you!" We find this helps a great deal.

update: reconaissance has confirmed new information

1: His name is Tim

2: He's still a dick