There are many problems on this earth, and there are some people who think that my status as a straight white male has exempted me from these problems. But believe me, I have problems too.

Forgot Password Edit

So you know when you make an account for something? Like Netflix, Club Penguin, or US Bank for example. And then you have to make a password, so you choose something simple like your birthday, your pet's name, or simply "password". Then weeks go by, you happily go about your life, daily accessing your many accounts. And you're smart, so you save time by having the computer "remember your password", right? But then one day you have to shut down your computer, or log into a different device, and you go to remember your password and... blank. Your mind is absolutely blank. So then what do you have to do? You have to click on that stupid little "did you forget your password?" link at the bottom. You know that the computer is laughing at you as you have to journey through the very inconvenient process of sending a password reset email to yourself, then checking your email, and finally re-entering your new password. And you think you're safe. You think that you will never forget your newest password (password123). But believe me when I say that you will come crawling back in a few months, begging the website to send you a password reset confirmation email. It is a continuous scenario that you will never escape. A scenario that harms many people (especially straight white males) on a daily basis. I can only hope for a day in the future where my straight white male brethren would live in peace.

N-word Edit

Why can't I say the n-word? What the heck! I feel so discriminated against now that everybody is like "nOoOo, you can't say that it's racist" Like what am I supposed to say? African American?? I bet it's cuz I'm white, isn't it. Yeah, that's it. The n-word is some "black culture" word or something that black people use to call each other, but as soon as I, a WHITE PERSON says it, it's all racist pig this and inconsiderate whore that. Damn. It just makes me feel so oppressed. Anyway, slavery was a choice, so whats everybody so mad about?