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The war of the crust was by far the biggest and most gruesome war in all of Logan history. This war was between the Crusters and the Uncrustables (led by the Anti-Crust). It was fought over differing opinions on whether or not pizza crust is trash.

Background/Causes Edit

One fateful day, in Café Logan, one Bennett Ryan (aka The Anti-Crust), in a bold display of courage, refused to eat the remaining crust on his pizza citing "once there is no more cheese or sauce the pizza is over!" This infuriated many logical and understandably offended crust-lovers and thus the war began.

War Edit

Start of Conflict Edit

Brothers were pinned against each other. Families split. Within days, the school was divided into two factions, the Crusters and the Uncrustables. There was no middle ground. You were either a no-good crust-lover or a disgusting, wasteful crust hater, or both for anyone who tried to remain neutral.

"There is no middle ground. You can either stand in no man's land and die like a fool, or pick a trench and fight like a man." ― Bennett Ryan

The Uncrustables Edit

The Uncrustables were led by Bennett Ryan, who initiated the war. During the war Bennett wrote "The Uncrustable Manifesto" which he sent to D'Angelo over snapchat. His manifesto is considered very controversial, but many academics agree that he made some valid points.

The Crusters Edit

For the Crusters, this was a holy war. They believed that god intended for pizza to be eaten with the crust and that the crust was to be eaten ALONE, no sauce. The Crusters decided to purge their communities and military of any suspected Uncrustables. Their methods were harsh and the "Crust Purges" are considered to be one history's greatest atrocities.

There were many factions within the Crusters, from the radical Nachoists to the PreztelCrusters (not to mention the Radical Nachoist PretzelCrusters) to the Foldinhalves to the Endmunchers, but they all shared one common, noble idea: that pizza is not pizza without a ring of untarnished crust. All these factions were united under one Max Roswall's Declaration Of War, and swore to fight to the last man in the name of crust.

End Edit

The war finally came to an end when Bennett Ryan ate one of his chicken tenders, forgot he ate his chicken tender, blamed D'Angelo for eating his chicken tenders and subsequently lost his opinions (three strikes and you're out, and this was Ryan's third strike). Without his opinions he was no longer allowed to believe that pizza crust shouldn't be eaten, and the Uncrustables disbanded because nobody else cared that much.

Aftermath Edit

For his crusty crimes, Bennett was given a public execution where he spoke these last words.

"I can only hope that the history books will remember, not how I have lost, but how bravely I fought." ― Bennett Ryan's last words
"Crust GANG" ― Cashew Lind moments before beheading Bennett