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Wally Gnewikow is our supreme leader who cemented his power by executing Dr. Kollross. We are very lucky at Logan High School to have such a fearless leader who is also the son of god. During assemblies, applause for Brother Gnewikow go on for hours because he is so great, and not because if you stop clapping you are escorted behind the school and shot in the back of the head. Every morning Brother Gnewikow reminds us that, despite the fact we are all miles below him intellectually, physically and spiritually, that shouldn't stop us from reaching for the stars. As long as the stars are below Brother Gnewikow. Brother Gnewikow is no stranger to discipline. He spent his entire childhood on a secluded mountain, improving himself physically and increasing his pain endurance, much like the ancient spartans. He holds his students to the same code of honor that he holds himself to, and will not hesitate to order your execution if he catches you vaping in the halls (Freshprole bathrooms are OK though).

Our supreme leader of all 12 realms does have a weakness though. On Friday, April 27, at 10:26 am a chink in the mighty beast's armor was revealed. The king, a man greater than vishnu and dormammu combined, still hadn't seen Infinity war; and the absolute nutty lad Cashew, spoiled the entire movie (picture on right), hence weakening the beast.