Pro-Weed Edit

Pot, Weed, Dope, Smoke, Smoack, Green, Broccoli, Leaf, THC Party, and Marijuana. These are all names for the drug that we all know and love. Guess what? If you have a declining moral mindset, lack of education and/or poor social relations, then smoking pot is the solution for you! There's also a thing called "medicinal marijuana". If you get a boo-boo on your leg, then all you have to do is take a hit on a joint and you'll feel a lot better. If your life sucks so much to the point that to find happiness you need the assistance of a hallucinogen, then why not smoke dope? I know that its illegal, but the cops don't know what your going through! In conclusion, smoking pot is cool. Plus, we can tax it too to create revenue! That should theoretically maybe almost help offset a little bit of the cost in health and productivity loss from legalizing.

Anti-Weed Edit

Smoke weed? Are you retarded?